Kai's Ohlins joins Team BDR for 2016

Fantastic news.....Kais Ohlins Suspension are supporting Team BDR for the 2016 season. Kais are one of the leading Ohlins Suspension Specialists in the Uk and have been a vital support for racers in Moto-X, Supermoto and Road Racing for decades. We are so proud to be supported by this amazing company.

Mike and Andy meeting today at Kais Suspension about the new unit they will be building for us.

Pipewerx To The Rescue

We are very proud to announce our new sponsor for 2016 Pipewerx Exhausts. Check out our brand new custom made exhaust....thank you to all the guys at Pipewerx.

Got Her Clothes On!

And then one fine festive season she was blast down many a launch into the record books once again.....practically a bike again.....Busapaws II....almost!

She's Almost Alive!

Well we hope your all having a great week....things are certainly taking shape here at Team BDR.....Mick truly astounds me with how his dedication and relentless ability to just keep plugging away in that workshop moves the build along so quickly. Look what he's gone and done now....we all love him so much, every day is Xmas when Micks around!

She's almost aliiiiiiiiive....haha......we have visions of Frankenstein on the table, just waiting for the lightning strike through the roof of our workshop that's going to spark Busapaws II into life.....not long now.


So Much Happy!

La la la la la la....look what's in the workshop! I don't know, Mick wanders out after his tea (yes i feed and then) walks into this building and then things like this keep happening.....we might have a bike soon!

*feeling mega excited*

Bursting With Excitement!

Ok ok.....we cannot contain ourselves any longer....Mick has been working incredibly hard and so many people (who we will talk about soon) have come together to help us build Busapaws II and this week has been an incredible step forward.

She's almost here, it's like watching a baby grow into a teenager at the moment and soon she will come alive. For now though....we are unbelievably excited to introduce you to Busapaws II, not long now and she may bark into life!

Thank you everyone for the support you have given us, from the whole team....we won't let you down next year!

Look What's Happening!

Look what's happened in the workshop-----

Looks like our Micks been at it again!

Becci's Excitement!

As you will have seen, the build is underway and we have got almost all the main stuff. We are in need of a front wheel mud guard and so if anyone knows where I might find one that would be a big help.

Not that I'm excited or anything but roll on the start of the season woop woop

Thought It Was Quiet!

Just when you thought it all went quiet....oh no no no!
Look....haha, she's starting to become a bike again. Thanks to the work of our awesome friend John Warrington the frame is in perfect alignment and the build of Busapaws II is well under never know by the end of the week the forks might even be in and there could even be sight of a Turbo mounted.....of course this is just hearsay at the moment.

Watch this week there might even be wheels and her first steps onto tarmac could very much be a reality this side of Xmas, what a treat this may be!

The Heart Of It All

Well there it is , a 264mph motor without its cloths on. I had to replace two threads in the head now probably pulled in the crash. Frame arm and forks are waiting in the wings ,all new.

Busapaws II - The Beginning

And so it begins....
Busapaws II is now well under way for our World Record Challeng in 2016.

With support and help from friends and sponsors we are already looking at the development of the new bike with some things old and new. Mike has been buried in the workshop as the sun glides down behind the horizon and the moonlight shines down on the workshop doors, a sllight glimpse of light shines through a tiny crack in the doors and the sound of drilling, grinding, banging and the odd grunt can be heard as the mad scientist and legendary bike builder creates yet another bike for his wife.

More news is coming this space!